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If your message is not resonant,
it is invisible.

The new standard in
customer creation

PsyCom goes beyond “putting a message out there,” it creates customers by triggering decision, the way decision happens in the human brain.

300+Cognitive traits

50+Psychological measures

50YEARS of

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A revolutionary framework for customer creation, powered by a global-first technology platform that reads the psychological traits of your total addressable market.

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Based on 50 years of peer-reviewed research by neuroscientists, data scientists, and advertising veterans, the psycom scale is derived from numerous cognitive factors, tailored for decision-making.

Clients & Partners

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The most powerful ad blocker

A customer walking in a city center full of ads.

Your brain has a filter, known as the “RAS.” This is how much reality it removes - including ads.


Number of ads that cross your vision daily. How many can you remember?


% of people who can remember a single ad within 24h.

If your ads are intuition-based, and your messaging is not resonant, it's invisible.


3 months

Paid ads




A bottle of whiskey

Resonant case study

Global whiskey

We measured the audience and discovered over 50% were introverts, which meant the client's messaging was invisible to this group.

We introduced introverted messaging and unlocked a significant new source of revenue. Zero media spend.

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Psychological research

Psychometric research spans more than half a century, with early work on personality starting in the 1960s. We have sifted through this body of work to determine what is necessary for the purpose of crafting messaging that both gains access to the mind, as well as triggers human decision via stimulus-organism-response.

"We can read psych from data"

3500+ citations

Private Traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior.

Michal Kosinski, David Stillwell, Thore Graepel

"The right message can trigger decision"

800+ citations

Psychological targeting as an effective approach of digital mass persuasion.

Michal Kosinski, Shandra Matz, Gideon Nave, David Stillwell


Manzanita services

The purpose of business is revenue, and that happens via customer creation. Customers are created only when your message is seen by humans, and your message is cognitively resonant. Our three services work together to acquire customers for you in an unprecedented way. Welcome to the new era of marketing.

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The only insights you need to trigger consumer decision.

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Engineer cognitively resonant creative messaging.

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Fraud-free, bot-free, human-only digital media execution.